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:: 1.16.2010 ::

(listening to Spoon: Transference)

Spent the afternoon shopping with some dudes for new snowboard gear. It is weird for me to think that, here I am at 33 years old still wearing the same overall style snow pants that my dad handed down to me when I was like, 16. That shit is just ridiculous, so I bought me some BRAND NEW PANTS today. Also some new snowboarding boots so I don't have to deal with the rental shop anymore. And a snowboarding belt (did you know these existed? I did not, but I figured since the pants had belt loops...) to go with my new pants. Then I got some new socks too for the hell of it.

We are taking the sleepy/party bus up to Sugarbowl tomorrow, which should be Good Times except it leaves at 5AM, so I have to try and put myself to bed early tonight. Of course, it's already 7 and I have dinner and a cocktail party to attend to tonight, so good luck doing that.

Next Stop, TahBro.

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