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:: 1.16.2010 ::

(listening to Spoon: Transference)

Spent the afternoon shopping with some dudes for new snowboard gear. It is weird for me to think that, here I am at 33 years old still wearing the same overall style snow pants that my dad handed down to me when I was like, 16. That shit is just ridiculous, so I bought me some BRAND NEW PANTS today. Also some new snowboarding boots so I don't have to deal with the rental shop anymore. And a snowboarding belt (did you know these existed? I did not, but I figured since the pants had belt loops...) to go with my new pants. Then I got some new socks too for the hell of it.

We are taking the sleepy/party bus up to Sugarbowl tomorrow, which should be Good Times except it leaves at 5AM, so I have to try and put myself to bed early tonight. Of course, it's already 7 and I have dinner and a cocktail party to attend to tonight, so good luck doing that.

Next Stop, TahBro.

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:: 1.09.2010 ::

(listening to: The O'Jays: The Essential O'Jays)

chorizo y papas sope @ tacubaya *stock photo

Woke up today with a date with Miss Rodeo America to buy a mattress. So, we went to one mattress place, laid on one mattress, and purchased said mattress. It might not be the best thing we could have found, but it is worlds better than our current sleeping situation and we really are no fuss no muss shoppers. The only bummer is that it is not getting delivered until tomorrow so we have one last night on the old bed we found on Craigslist in like 2004. Excitement!

Afterward we went to 4th street to get brunch at Tacubaya and to pick up our yearly Mexican calendar. Their chorizo sope always makes my day and it had been awhile, so it was good to get back on board. I think the whole thing has given us a hankering for pupusas, so I think tonight we're going to head to SF to fill the pupusa hole. Nom nom nom nomnomnom.

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